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 RallyMoto rally race Pomeroy, WA september 26th/27th

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PostSubject: RallyMoto rally race Pomeroy, WA september 26th/27th   8/9/2009, 9:17 pm

Wanted to bring attention to a newish racing format that I think you might have fun with.

The Wild West RallyMoto September 26th and 27th near Pomeroy, WA

Here’s your chance to race your street legal dual sport in a RallyMoto
event. The first RallyMoto event ever in the PNW was held last October
near Mt Hood, since then we’ve had the DooWop rally in Aberdeen, WA in
early March (crazy weather included) and most recently the Idaho Rally
last month.

OK, so your likely asking what the hell is RallyMoto, well….. What is
NASA Rally Sport's RallyMoto™️ program? It allows motorcycles to compete
on closed roads in a stage rally format. There are transits on open,
public roads connecting the stages, which are legally closed roads
where fastest time wins (typical race or "special" stage distance
varies from 5 to 15 miles). One rider leaves every sixty seconds, free
to race the clock and the road to the best of their ability. If you've
seen WRC, it's like that, only with bikes. Rally cars and rally bikes
tearing through the woods in a flat out race for glory! Basically full
speed racing on closed gravel roads!

It’s allot of fun, great racing and great camaraderie. As an added
bonus the car drivers and co-drivers think we are crazy as hell and
place us close to near god like status. One of the Idaho stages has a
turn around after the finish so we could run the stage in reverse. As I
putted by the cars to re-stage for the start every car offered thumbs
up and applause. Good thing my helmet kept my head from getting big!
Anyway that only helps to illustrate the camaraderie of the rally folks.

So the downside is that your bike must be street legal and be insured
apart from the laundry list of rules, apparently the rally folks love
them some rules. It’s not to difficult to sort out and if you’re
interested in trying this I will help you get things figured out. The
Wild West Rally is really hoping to have a decent moto turnout and as
such have locked the entry fee in a $150 which is almost half of what
the entry fee typically is for a two day multi stage rally. So if you
have the bike and the time this is a great opportunity to experience
rally. Let’s race!

I’ve attached a helmet cam video from one of the DooWop stages editing
in a couple of starts and finishes. The last stage on the 2nd day,
being a bit tired I kind of slacked off until about 5 minutes into the
stage and then got back on it. If you decide to waste the time watching
the video make sure to click the HQ button.

Also a video of the cars which is allot better then my video.

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RallyMoto rally race Pomeroy, WA september 26th/27th
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