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 Stampede Pass

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PostSubject: Stampede Pass   5/19/2014, 9:38 am

For those interested, hit Stampede pass over the weekend and had a great time. Weather held and trails were pretty clean. Higher elevations still had snow so wasn't able to complete the loop but didn't look super deep so those with large knobbies than I, might be able to get through. Lots of great riding on the lower sections, with most trails pretty clear. 

Small creek crossing and some flatland mud spots made for some great obstacles. I was also reminded to never throttle up a hill in an attempt to get a little air, without knowing what's on the other side. One hard left hair pin and some nice soft rocks resulted in a wonderful bruised tailbone. My first tramp stamp, I'm honored.

Sorry to have missed getting caught up with Inspector, sounds like we had a bit better weather than Walker Valley.

Will try and get some pictures up soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Stampede Pass   5/19/2014, 11:13 am

Yeah, sorry about that.  Since I can't ride next weekend i needed a fix to hold me over and I wasn't positive you guys would be riding or not.  My day was already half done when I got your text Evil6 
*my boots where pretty dry because hardly any puddles.  Rest of me soaked!!  Raining and bushes/trees slapping at me got me water logged.

Now bring on the pics!!! thumb
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PostSubject: Re: Stampede Pass   5/19/2014, 5:13 pm

pics pics WE NEED PICS  Gahhh
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PostSubject: Re: Stampede Pass   

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Stampede Pass
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