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 PMXTEC Replacement Halogen Kit For KTM

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PostSubject: PMXTEC Replacement Halogen Kit For KTM   10/15/2013, 12:29 pm

I emailed Mike from PMXTEC and I want to say great customer service! I ordered the Premium Kit for my 07 450XC per Mike's advice. This should be the start of what I want to accomplish for lighting on a budget. Long term plan is to add an LED light for very dark occasions.

My intended use:
Trail rides and camping off the bike...May get caught in the dark and need safe lighting.
Commuting to work during the day but night street riding after 9-11PM.
No long slab trips day or night.

After I removed my stock bulb (Also used in scooters...KTM...What are you thinking?) I discovered 1/2 the filament was broken. No wonder I thought my low beam sucked bad.

I've been testing the new PMXTEC kit and it's exactly what I was looking for.  I'm going to reinstall the 5w bulb for daytime trail rides. It just feels wrong to be on a trail without any front lights on.
Here is the setup:
Adjustable linkage that allows the most range for beam aiming up or down.  Besides the bulb kit...This is the single most improvement.  Replacing the bolts with wing nuts would be an upgrade.  Using nylon hardware would look less clunky and most likely will be my next step.

The linkage was fabbed from a plastic license plate mount.

The original 2-1/2" adjusting screw coupled with a 1/4" thick spacer used on the outside of the headlight mask.

The 1/4" spacer basically prevents the lens from sitting loose in the mask.  This is probably not necessary but I found it more useful than not.
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PMXTEC Replacement Halogen Kit For KTM
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