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 Power Distribution Block Plus Security

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PostSubject: Power Distribution Block Plus Security   10/15/2013, 11:38 am

I scored a new Trail Tech 100W stator off of Amazon for $115 shipped and wanted a centralized power source to tap into for future accessories.  I found an inspirational thread on ADVRider but it's a high tech smart phone version not yet ready for sale.  I wanted something quick, cheap and within my ability.  This was a helpful write up - DIY Block..  I wired in a relay to only supply power to the fused distribution block when the key switch is activated.  The bonus with this setup is the Trail Tech Vapor won’t stay lit for 20 minutes after parking anymore.  The XC didn’t come factory with a key switch so that was another addition to my bike's wiring.

Parts from Radio Shack...Project box, terminal block and a jumper strip.  You can buy this already made from Autozone but it's over $80.  This ran me $20 (Only because I bought a milkshake from DQ while I was at the mall).

I split the block in half with the jumpers.  The bottom half is positive and the upper is negative.

Mounted on one of the fender bolts for easy access behind the headlight mask...No more running wires to the battery.  Make sure you have full turning range before committing to a location like this.

Clean and ready for more accessories.  Right now the only thing running through this block is my TT Vapor.

My new keyed on/off switch and custom mount.

Here is the wiring diagram...I'm a freak and installed a hidden kill switch as well.  The wires on my bike change color a few times in order to screw with hot wiring attempts.  Like I said I'm a freak...Will this stop thugs from stealing my bike? Nope...But at least they can't just kick start it and go.  I made a separate diagram than this one in order to help me figure out what I did (If I have to trace wires in the future).  This one is for you.
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Power Distribution Block Plus Security
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