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 My Son's new OSET 36V

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PostSubject: My Son's new OSET 36V   10/30/2011, 7:34 am

Picked up an OSET 16" Electric Trials Bike from a coworker yesterday for my son. He had the 12.5" model when he was younger, he's now 4 years old and the new 16" model fits him great. He'll be able to ride this one till he's in the 8 - 9 year bracket.

If you haven't seen the OSET's before they are really great learning bikes. The design of the bike encourages the kids to stand and their riding skills advance at a faster pace than a small gas bike like a PW. Since they are electric they are completely quiet allowing them to be ridden in places like parks that a standard bike would never get away with. They will run for 2-3hrs on a charge and the 36V has enough power for me to pull wheelies on it . (There's a small hidden slot on the back where you can set the amount of throttle they can use).

Here's a couple shot's of him on the bike at a local park yesterday....hopefully the weather is good enough to go out again today.

Ahhhh....that's where you adjust the power setting

Ahhh....better not go in the parking lot....I'll take it back to the truck for you


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PostSubject: Re: My Son's new OSET 36V   11/6/2011, 11:05 pm

I really wish they had those when I was a kid!

Heck, I wish I had know of OSET when my kid was a kid!!!

Just too much fun...................................

Looks like new, one lucky new rider.
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My Son's new OSET 36V
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