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 Google Earth & Google Maps

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PostSubject: Google Earth & Google Maps   2/3/2011, 8:14 am

If you didn't know this, you can take your GPS files and upload them to a custom Google Map, or in "3D" on Google Earth. I forget exactly which files it will accept though. I know it will do Garmin as that's the one I used for Baja.

Also, if you have a Spot Tracker, your friends can see your progress "real time" as you ride. Which isn't that cool because Spot already does that, UNLESS there is a group of you with the Spot trackers. Then someone at home can see EVERYONE on the same map, plus if you have your path pre-planned via GPS file, they can see where you will be headed and route you'll be taking. I did this for my friends racing the Baja 1000 last November as I was in the in-state contact and stayed up texting the team the rider's location as the race progressed. I said "real time" because you can only request info from the Spot servers every 15 minutes. The "real time" update only works for Google Earth.

Anyway, here are the directions on how to make Google Earth show your Spot info (taken directly from my Baja post elsewhere):

After you have installed Google Earth and downloaded/unzipped the GPS file, open Earth and go to File > Open and choose the GPS file you unzipped or the KML file (KML is Google Earth file format).

When it has finished thinking you should see some colors on the map. If you zoom in you should see some pushpins and flags and/or some markers. You can adjust what you are viewing by checking or unchecking the boxes in your Places window to the left. You can also remove some clutter by unchecking some things from the Layers window, like Ocean or Borders. There are many options for viewing different things on the map. You can also double-click on an entry from the GPS, for example Ojos-Gonz, and you’ll jump to that spot.

To add the riders, click on Add > Network link (Add is up next to File, View, Edit, etc.) You can name it what you please. In the Link box paste the pipes link to the rider you want. If you want to add another rider, just get their Spot ID from their tracking website and replace the bold part with their ID. (i.e. (use the whole thing from H to & Repeat this step to add additional riders.

Next, choose the Refresh tab and tell it to do a Time-Based Refresh, periodically (every 15 minutes). The Spot will only let you request data every 15 minutes. Setting the time shorter won’t make new results come up any faster, so it’s best just to leave it at 15. View-based refresh settings can be what you choose, but On Request will cut down on refreshes where you have to wait for map data to load. When you are done, click ok and you should have Brandon on your map after a bit.

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PostSubject: Re: Google Earth & Google Maps   2/3/2011, 11:06 am

Cool, good info too.
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Google Earth & Google Maps
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